The French Cup

26th Edition ...

Dear all,

Here we are reunited for the 26th edition of the FRENCH CUP in our renovated ice rink. It is always a great pleasure to welcome you to our Normandy territory and to our beautiful city of Rouen.

This year, the FRENCH CUP is placed under the CHALLENGER SERIES of the ISU and we are proud of this real recognition of our competition, organized with the FFSG and the Normandy Ice Sports League.


Our know-how is recognized by all and I associate with this recognition the Organizing Committee and all the volunteers who work behind the scenes, so that this 26th edition is once again a great success. Their presence, their energy is essential to my ribs because, as I often say, only I could not satisfy you as much. The watchwords are: warm welcome, pleasure to organize, that each person feels involved in the competition and especially you athletes. Indeed, without you the show and the competition would not make sense.


In this world, where unfortunately too many competitions identical to the French Cup are forced to cancel (for various reasons), we must give our support to my colleagues and sisters, organizers of such events because the task is heavy ... but c 'is always a real pleasure to see that after 26 years, our anti chamber of the world championship is still valiant and especially that you answer present.


I do not forget the technical panel and the judges who also always respond loyally because I know they enjoy being with us.


Rouen will once again be illuminated by your prowess during these French internationals, and I cannot thank you enough.


I wish you a very nice competition, a good stay and good luck to all.

Sandrine DEVAUX

President of the French Cup


Created in 1994, following the Golden Apple Trophy by the Rouen Olympic Club, under the auspices of the ISU - ICE SKATING UNION, International Federation of Ice Sports and the FFSG, French Federation of Sports Ice, the 19th edition will bring together 42 teams representing 10 nations. This event is acclaimed by the entire international community of competitors and officials of the arbitration. It has established itself in an international circuit noted as the competition that allows teams to select at the World Championship. Thus for the 2013 senior competition, 8 of the top 10 world teams will be present on the ice of Ile Lacroix. Over the years, the French Cup has positioned itself as one of the most important synchronized skating competitions. It represents a major element for the durability and the development of the discipline in France. In some figures the French Cup is; Nearly 1000 skaters, 5,000 hotel nights 10,000 meals served over 4 days 1 team parade fifteen hours of live TV more than 300,000 web connections 1 flash mob of 1000 people in the town hall square More than a hundred volunteers And thousands of happy people to participate in the event True regional economic emulator, the event has the support of all local authorities: the city of Rouen, La Crea, the Department of Seine-Maritime and the Haute-Normandie region as well as private partners. This fidelity and the means that are implemented make it possible to ensure a welcome to the competitors which has become the reference in synchronized skating competition organization. The regional media are also strongly involved France 3, France Bleue Haute-Normandie and the daily press, participate in the outreach of the event on the region, but also internationally through their busy websites. The alchemy that is created between all these actors contributes to the magic of the French Cup.